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Harry Potter Walking Tour

You've been a Harry Potter fan since year 1 and you want to discover all the set locations? 
This tour is for you! It will take you all around the city centre, you will discover the entrance to the Minister of Magic, and walk down Diagon Alley where you can buy some real Galleons! Later on, you will see Gringotts Bank, don't offend the Goblins!
You will cross Millennium Bridge, yes it's safe, but watch out for the death eaters! See the entrance of Diagon Alley (1st movie), Our final stop will be in Kings Cross, Platform 9¾!


  • Duration: 2h30 hours
  • Adult Price: 35£
  • Child Price: 25£
  • Meeting Point: Picadilly Circus- In front of the Criterion Theater
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.

The tour includes a boat ride between Westminster Pier and the Tate! This way you can follow the tracks of the Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter tour of Oxford and Lacock

Harry Potter TourIf you're a Potter fan you might be wondering if the beautiful scenery and buildings we see in the movie are real. Well, some of them are and they are worth seeing! This tour will take you to some of the most famous films set in Oxford and Lacock.
On the Harry Potter tour, you will go on an adventure to experience one of the most beautiful villages in England and get a guided tour around the ancient streets and its  Abbey.  Here you can have a pub lunch or eat from one of the local bakeries, stretch your legs and admire this picturesque village.
Harry Potter Tour
Then you’ll be taken to ‘the city of dreaming spires’, Oxford, where you will get a chance to visit a few of the colleges used as Hogwarts School. You will visit the Great Hall of Poudlard where the students of this University still eat 3 times a day! We will see the magic staircase, the library where Hermione spend most of her time, and the hospital wing of the school where Harry, Ron and Hermione spend some time to heal magical burns, regrow bones and other problems that occur when you're at Hogwarts!


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Harry Potter tour of London in a vintage Routemaster

Have you been a Harry Potter fan since the beginning?
This Christmas grab your school cloak and hop on your broom... this tour is just for you! The Routemaster bus will take you on a thrilling location tour of the scenes that took place in the capital but don't worry, it's shielded from the Dark Arts
On the tour, you'll discover the entrance to the Minister of Magic, take a walk down Diagon Alley where you can buy some real Galleons! You'll see Gringotts Bank but do not offend the Goblins... The tour bus will also cross Millennium Bridge, yes it is safe, but watch out for the death eaters! There'll be a stop off at the Leaky Cauldron before heading to the final stop: Kings Cross, Platform 9¾!


  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price Information: This tour is for groups of 15  people or more. If you would like to book, please contact usfor a quote.
  • Meeting Point: In front of the "Sherlock Holmes pub"- Northumberland Avenue. WC2N 5 London
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.


Monet, an impressionnist in London

1871 - France is at War with Prussia.
Monet moves to London to escape this conflict. He settles in London and begins to paint the city from every angle. He is particularly interested in the Thames and in the phantom like shape created by the buildings emerging from the mist.
140 years later, London has changed but the places that inspired Monet for their beauty and serenity are still there.
This tour is an opportunity to take you on an artistic stroll along the Thames into Monet's footsteps to see the sites that inspired him, such as the House of Parliament, Charing Cross station, Waterloo bridge and a few Royal parks.  It is also gives you the opportunity to visit the museum where his most beautiful paintings are kept.


  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Adult Price: £40
  • Child Price: £30
  • Meeting Point: Green Park station - by the Fountain of Diane
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.

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Royal London Tour - Discovering the City of Westminster!

This tour will take you to the main places of Power of the city of London!

During this walk you will see three royal palaces, you will go through the Admiralty Arch (the Mall), learn how Buckingham became a royal Palace, learn about Admiral Nelson on Trafalgar square, see The Mall and the House of the Guards, 10 Downing Street, learn about the most famous Prime Minister England ever had, and finally you will see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament where the tour will end.

Hope you feel in a Royal Mood!


  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Price Information: Group of 1 to 5 persons: £25 each; Group of 5 to 10 persons: £20 each; Group of 10+ persons: £15 each; Children: £10 each
  • Meeting Point: Green Park tube station (in the park, by the fountain)
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.
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Sherlock Holmes Tour

This Sherlock Holmes walk is a must do tour for real fans of Holmes and Dr Watson!

This Sherlock Holmes Tour of London takes you to small alleyways to discover the places featured in the books, real sites that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as locations featured in film and TV adaptations of the detective's great adventures.

The tour starts where Holmes and Watson first met and goes from gentlemen's clubs to grand hotels featured in some of the novels and short stories, as well as the London that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the books.


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Adult Price: 30£
  • Child Price: 20£
  • Price Information:

    If you'd like a private tour please contact me for a quote.


  • Target Age: 6+
  • Meeting Point: In front of the Criterion Restaurant - Piccadilly Circus
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.
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The Old city Tour

Lets go back in time and discover the origins of the city of London, a small market town that you could cross in less than 30 minutes!

Walking in the heart of London's Financial District gives you the opportunity to see the Royal Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, and the quiet little churches frequented by locals. This tour allows you to learn more about the plague, the doom of the Knights Templars and the origin of the great fire of 1666.

You will climb the Monument from where you can admire stunning views of London, discover the history of St. Paul's Cathedral and the destruction of London during the 2nd World War.

All in all a very comprehensive round, with amazing monuments and beautifulpictures opportunities.



  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Adult Price: 30€
  • Child Price: 20€
  • Meeting Point: In front of the Embankment station
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.
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Tracking Jack The Ripper

This walk through the city's gloom takes us through the site of gruesome executions, poverty, overcrowding, disease and criminality.
As we retrace the trail of the notorious Jack the Ripper murders, we get to see the world's first psychiatric hospital, plague pits, the Bloody Tower, Traitor's Gate and several notoriously haunted areas of the East End.
Discover how traitors and criminals were punished, what life was really like for people living in the East End and why the Ripper was never caught!


  • Duration: The tour last between 1h45 and 2h15; hours depending on your walking pace.
  • Adult Price: £20
  • Child Price: £15
  • Price Information:

  • Meeting Point: Opposite the exit of Tower Hill Underground Station : Trinity square gardens
  • All tours are subject to the standard terms and conditions.

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