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Private tour of the Louvre museum

Admire the masterpieces of the Louvre in a small group!
In this 2 hours, you will see the most beautiful paintings exhibited at the museum, including the Virgin of the Rocks, Mona Lisa, The Wedding of Cana, The Death of Sardanapalus, The Raft of Medusa, Liberty Guiding the People ...
You will also discover the Louvre through the many men who build it, who were the kings who lived there? You will talk about their little secrets and we will look for what remains of them in the stones and on the ceilings.
The sculptures will not be forgotten and we will see The Victory of Samothrace, Venus de Milo, Michelangelo's dying slave, Psyche awakened by Love and many more.
See you soon at the museum!


  • Duration: La visite dure environ 2h15
  • Adult Price: 55€
  • Child Price: 30€
  • Group Size: Maximum 6 personnes
  • Meeting Point: Rdv à la statue de Louis XIV dans la cour interieure du Louvre ( à côté de la pyramide)
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Versailles. More than a palace, Versailles is a testimony of the French "Vie de Chateau".
Our tour will take you to various part of the palace to experiment a day in the very lavish life of a member of the court. You will see more gold in a day than you saw in your entire life, you will learn how the people lived in the city/palace, what they ate, how they partied and because a palace tour wouldn't be complete without a bit of gossip: who they loved.
Then we will discover the extraordinary gardens of the palace, because "Versailles was a garden before it was a Palace". It is the true "plat de resistance". The gardens are full of hidden messages from Louis to the court, we will try to find them all by diving in Greek and Roman mythology.
If the weather is good we will visit the gardens on foot to make the most of the gardens. If the rain makes walking a bit tricky we will take the petit train instead to reach the Domain of Marie-Antoinette where we will visit the Trianon and her farm. Our guide will escort you back to the entrance of the Palace where the tour will end.


*The tour will run if 4 people or more are booked

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Monet in Paris and Giverny

Your day begins at the Orsay museum, home to the impressionist masterpiece you will discover some of the most beautiful Monet, Manet, Degas, Courbet and Renoir paintings.
We then head to the Orangerie, to admire Monet's masterpiece: the 40 Waterlilies pannels exposed in 2 elliptic rooms. It is a truly unique experience, you're almost walking through the branches of the weeping willow, almost floating in a sea of waterlilies next to the Japanese bridge in Monet's garden.
Once you've admired the Waterlilies we leave for Giverny. You will have some free time in the village for lunch before entering Monet’s house. Our visit will take you back in time and you will immerse yourself in the life of this world-famous artist. You will have enough time to visit the Gardens at your own pace and maybe enough to zip a cup of tea before we leave for Paris.
The estimated Return time is 6.00pm on Concordia Square BUT please note that this might vary depending on Traffic.        


  • Duration: 8heures
  • Adult Price: 160€
  • Child Price: 140€
  • Lunch: Le déjeuner n'est pas inclus
  • Group Size: Nos groupes sont de tailles restreintes entre 5 et 15 personnes
  • Meeting Point: Devant la statue de Rhinocéros devantlemusée d'Orsay
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*Le tour aura lieu sous réserve d'un minimum de 4 participants.

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In the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci

Following the meanders of the Loire river, we discover a land of famous vineyards and fairytale castles, many of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A trip to the Loire is the opportunity to dive into the royal history of France, discover the changes brought by the Renaissance in terms of the king's comfort, the architectural innovation in the royal palaces and in general the evolution of art.
We will focus on 2 men who brought great changes to France: King Francis the first and Leonardo Da Vinci. This trip will take you to the Clos-Lucé castle in the morning where we will discover the last house of Da Vinci where many of his inventions are exposed in the park. Feel free to try them!
Then we will head to Amboise to see the resting place of Mr Leonardo Da Vinci, painter, engineer and friend of the king of France. After lunch, we will visit Chambord, King's Francis most famous palace: An architectural wonder before heading back to Paris.



  • Duration: La journée
  • Adult Price: 150€
  • Child Price: 100€
  • Lunch: Le déjeuner n'est pas inclus
  • Group Size: Nos groupes sont de tailles restreintes entre 5 et 15 personnes
  • Meeting Point: Devant l'esplanade du Trocadéro
  • Consulter les conditions générales de vente

*Le tour aura lieu sous réserve d'un minimum de 4 participants



The confirmation of a booking is by email, once dates and tour are mutually agreed. I will kindly ask you to confirm reception of my email asap.


I will invoice you 14 days before the tour. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or securely via paypal. I will not take payment on the day of the tour. If you wish to pay via Paypal, I will send you a secure payment request by email and add the paypal charges of 3.4% + £0.20 to the amount requested. It is quick, easy and secure to respond (you do not need a paypal account). Payment should be received in full 48 hours before the tour (unless otherwise agreed)


Free cancellation up to 15 days before the date of the tour.Between 15 days and 5 days : 50% of the sum will be refunded. Less than 5 days before the date, the entire amount will be due.


La confirmation de votre réservation se fera par email une fois que la date de la prestation aura été confirmée. Je vous demanderai de bien vouloir accuser réception de mon e-mail.


Vous recevrez votre facture 2 semaines (14 jours) avant la visite. Le paiement peut être effectué par virement bancaire, par chèque ou en toute sécurité via Paypal.

La somme entière doit être versée dans les 5 jours ouvrés suivant la réception de votre confirmation. Si vous souhaitez payer via Paypal, je vais vous envoyer une demande de paiement sécurisé par email et ajouter les frais paypal de 3,4% + £ 0,20 au montant demandé. C’est un moyen rapide et sécurisé de payer et vous ne devez avoir un compte Paypal pour utiliser ce service.

Quel que soit le mode de paiement utilisé la somme entière doit être reçu au complet 48 heures avant la visite


Annulation gratuite jusqu’à 2 semaines (14 jours) avant la date du tour. Entre 15 jours et 5 jours 50% de la somme vous seront remboursés. Moins de 5 jours avant la date, la somme entière sera due.

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