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Custom Tours

Tailor-made tours for you

Often when speaking to fellow travellers they tell us that they didn't have enough time in a place to really make the most of it. Sometimes because they didn't know how to get to certain attractions, and sometimes because they didn't know where to find the information about the type of activities they would have been interested in.

Some thorough research would allow you to prepare your trip on yourself but between paperback guides, websites, tourist offices and blogs it can get a little hard to find what you're looking for. If this sound familiar, you might be interested in our service.

What Are We Offering?

Let us plan a personalised trip for you with an itinerary that makes sense! Just let us know about your personality and your tastes and we will plan it all for you! We believe that travelling shouldn't just be about seeing the sites but also about experimenting what local cultures have to offer - whether it's taking a pastry class, making a beautiful handbag from scratch in Paris, learning about Gin in London or canoeing down the river Thames. Anything that would make you an actor in your trip rather than a spectator will participate in making your holiday a memorable one.

Why you should ask for us

We can help you craft your trips to France, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have lived in or lead tours in each of those countries - allowing us to offer true expertise as we know the best things to do and see from being a tour guide and a local. So whether you are looking for a city break or a relaxing weekend in the country, we can help you organise your trip.

Sounds good, where do we go from here?

Just send us an email for a quote! We don't charge the earth either, just a fair price for our time and professional advice. I will make sure you get the most out of your travels!

We are used to young couples, families with young children, university groups, young adults on their first Europe trip or retired couples coming back to places they already been that they would like to see again with a different angle.

Happy trails!

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