Little square behing the cathedral Bridge over the river Irthing How to extract tannin Fountains, Osborne House

Art Tips

A weekly dose of Art

Welcome to all the art aficionado, history fans or amateurs of little anecdotes about Heritage sites! Once a week I will share with you a piece of art I have liked from a trip, a museum or an exhibition I have seen and liked.

And don't you worry, it won't be just paintings! Here you will find the most beautiful Castles, churches, sculptures, paintings or Exhibitions in France and in the UK. The occasion to discover or rediscover the great art works and the heritage sites we have in France and in England, Ireland and Wales together.

When will it be posted?

Once a week I will post the picture of the piece on the Culture and Adventure Facebook page and the next day I will post the article on my blog. A little read to give you some inspiration for your next trip!

If you have questions like: Which castles do you recommend visiting in France? What's at the Louvre except for Mona Lisa? Feel free to leave me a comment and I will answer in my next Art Tips post!

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