If you ever go to Stonehenge

If seeing Stonehenge is on the top of your bucket list for England here are a few tips for the day you actually make it there just so you know what to expect.

“There is nothing to see there but old stones” – that’s what all my friends told me. I have been there several times and I have to say it is a bit harsh but I agree. This imposing circle of stones looks good but you might find that it doesn’t worth the £13.90 they make you pay to access the site…

So here are a few tips to make this experience nicer.

  • Get there early to avoid a huge crowd of tourists ruining your view.
  • Take the audioguide so you have information about the origin of Stonehenge, the reason why it was constructed and how it was used. Bear in mind that they are only theories but still, it is interesting to discover a bit more about this mystery.
  • If you’re going there, make it a stop on the way to some other attraction (as Stonehenge is in the middle of nowhere). The landscape around is nice: gentle hills, fields and forests. So if you like hiking they have a few nice tracks to follow, you can walk across the fields to see the other prehistorical remains. If hiking is not your thing, go to Salisbury (20 mins drive from the stones). It’s a really lovely city with a nice middle-age city center: old houses with wood panels, a river, great local pubs and a magnificent cathedral with cloisters, gardens and… the Magna Carta! It’s worth seeing.
  • The information center and the museum are finally open and it really transforms the experience. They are currently building a “prehistoric village” to give us a better understanding of the way men lived at the time. Finally, after years of neglect, a lot of efforts are made to enhance this World Heritage site and the result is worth seeing.

Enjoy your day trip!

“There is nothing to see there but old stones”

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