Harry Potter film locations in the UK

If you’re a Potter fan you might be wondering if the beautiful scenery and buildings we see in the movie are real. Well, some of them are and they are worth seeing! Here is a list of some of the most famous Potter films set in the UK.

Lacock, a beautiful village in Wiltshire 

– the Potter’s House before Voldemort destroys it
– Professor Snape’s classroom, the Cloisters
– Professor Slughorn’s house


The city of dreaming spires is home to Hogwarts located in different colleges of Oxford University. 

The Great Hall of Poudlard 
is actually Christchurch University dining room. Students still eat 3 times a day!  
– The magical staircases 

The Library where Hermione spend most of her time 

– The hospital wing of the school where Harry, Ron and Hermione spend some time to heal magical burns, regrow bones and other problems that only occur if you’re an Hogwarts student.

London sites

London is home to many Harry Potter sites that were used in the film in one way or another. Here is everyone’s favourite  

The Ministry of Magic
The ministry can be accessed in 2 ways: By the visitor entrance,the red telephone booth or by the staff entrance using the Toilets of Whitehall. Quite a few scenes were done there: 
-Mr Weasley took Harry to his hearing at the beginning of book 5 (the Order of the Phoenix)
– Harry, Ron & Hermione gets in the ministry using Polynectar potion to recover the Horcruxe from Dolores Umbridge- 

The entrance of Diagon Alley
In the movies, Diagon alley has changed location a few times. It was first located in Leadenhall market before moving to Borough. The scenes were shots in the studios but the streets that inspired their design are real and are located in the heart of Soho. 

King’s Cross station
Kings Cross wasn’t actually used for the outside scenes of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. They used the beautiful neogothic St Pancras station for it. The inside of the station was done inside Kings Cross, Platform 9¾ is hidden inside (if you want to know where you will have to do our Harry Potter tour!

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