The real landscapes of Monet’s paintings

Discover the real places that inspired Monet and the impressionnists !

Monet travelled all over Northern France and London in search of “interesting lights” to capture…it isn’t possible to see all of his paintings as they are scattered all over the world.

This experience allows you to discover the real places and discuss the paintings of Monet. Hop on the London train stopping at Etretat, Le Havre, Rouen, Giverny, Paris, Richmond and London!

We will discover the locations behind the paintings and discover the history of the monuments he painted, the way they are cared for today and the importance of Monet in Art.

See you soon online !

  • Tour Language: English
  • Duration: 1hour
  • Price: Adults: 15€
  • Starting Point: Your sofa
  • Group Size: Maximum 6 people
See the real places behind Monet’s paintings!

The Impressionnists at home!

We haven’t launched this tour yet but this is the place you will see our customers review when we do !
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