Discover the real places behind the Magical world of Harry Potter

Enter the magical world of Harry Potter with our virtual tour!

In this virtual tour we will virtually travel to Oxford, Edinburgh, Lacock, London, Durham, Gloucester, Wales. We will visit some of the most famous british universities and librairies, talk about the english education system, talk abut the legends and monsters used in Harry Potter.

We will talk about Making Magic on screen, we will do a quizz, read our favorite passage of the books. Our goal is for you to really dive in the world of Harry Potter, the real part and the fantastic part too.

See you soon in Hogwarts !

  • Tour Language: English
  • Duration: 1:5 hours
  • Price: Adults: 15€
  • Starting Point: Your Sofa
  • Group Size: Maximum 10 people
Virtual tour of the Film locations of the saga!

The magical world of Harry Potter!

We haven’t launched this tour yet but this is the place you will see our customers review when we do !
London, UK

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