The palace of Versailles

Versailles. More than a palace, Versailles is a testimony of the French “Vie de Chateau”.

Our tour of the palace of Versailles will take you to various part of the palace to experiment a day in the very lavish life of a member of the court. You will see more gold in a day than you saw in your entire life, you will learn how the people lived in the city/palace, what they ate, how they partied and because a palace tour wouldn’t be complete without a bit of gossip: who they loved.

Then we will discover the extraordinary gardens of the palace, because “Versailles was a garden before it was a Palace”. It is the true “plat de resistance”. The gardens are full of hidden messages from Louis to the court, we will try to find them all by diving in Greek and Roman mythology.

If the weather is good we will visit the gardens on foot to make the most of the gardens. If the rain makes walking a bit tricky we will take the petit train instead to reach the Domain of Marie-Antoinette where we will visit the Trianon and her farm. Our guide will escort you back to the entrance of the Palace where the tour will end.

  • Tour Language: English
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: Adults: €95 | Children €75
  • Starting Point: Place d’armes
  • Group Size: Our groups are quite small between 5 and 15 people
  • The tour will only run if 4 people or more are booked.
The hall of Mirrors

A wonderful insight in the making of Versailles!

We did a private tour of Versailles’s chateau and gardens.Pascaline’s knowledge brought everything to life, she made sure we did not miss a thing and her english is perfect! Recommended to all!
Helen & Co
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