In the footsteps of Napoleon

Are you interested in the Empire period? Then this tour in the traces of Napoléon in Paris is for you!This tour takes you to see Napoleon’s great projects that completely transformed the face of Paris!

Napoleon’s obsession with making Paris the star of the Empire led him to start major projects: the Arc de Triomphe, which he never saw completed, the column of the Place Vendôme, the stock exchange building, La Madeleine, the Arc de Triomphe, part of the Louvre, the arch of the Tuileries carousel and the development of the Rue de Rivoli.

During this 2.5 hour tour we will explore Napoleonic Paris by scooter to discover the history of Napoleon through the history of the buildings.

We don’t have proud steeds to offer you but we have chosen to make you visit Paris on a scooter to allow you to see Paris in a different way without having to walk 15 km! An unusual and friendly visit in perspective!

While waiting for the day of your visit, here is an article on Napoleon to get you back into the swing of things!

Enjoy your reading and see you soon!

  • Tour Language: English
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 mins
  • Price: Adults: €58 | Children €30
  • Starting Point: 19 Quai des grands Augustins
Pascaline & Maeva
Pascaline & Maeva guiding at the Louvre

A great tour

I had the opportunity to do the Napoleon tour with Maeva. The visit was very interesting! The places discovered follow the chronology of Napoleon’s life. Maeva shared with us her experience as a guide. She is very friendly and it was a great moment of relaxation and discovery!
Paris, France

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