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Monet, an impressionist in London

1871 - France is at War with Prussia. Monet moves to London to escape this conflict.

He settles in London and begins to paint the city from every angle. He is particularly interested in the Thames and in the phantom like shape created by the buildings emerging from the mist.

140 years later, London has changed but the places that inspired Monet for their beauty and serenity are still there.

This tour is an opportunity to take you on an artistic stroll along the Thames into Monet's footsteps to see the sites that inspired him, such as the House of Parliament, Charing Cross station, Waterloo bridge and a few Royal parks. It is also gives you the opportunity to visit the museum where his most beautiful paintings are kept.

  • Tour Language: English
  • Duration: 2½ hours
  • Adult Price: £40
  • Child Price: £30
  • Starting Point: Green Park station - by the Fountain of Diane

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