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A day at the Globe Theatre - Experimenting theatre like in the old days

Posted: 30th July 2014 at 10:55 • Categories: United Kingdom · London · Art Tips · UK and Ireland


I've been living in London for almost 2 years, I've passed the Shakespeare Globe on the South Bank of the river about a thousand times but I've never seen a play there. So last week I decided to make it happen and I went for a true Shakespearian experience at the globe.

Shakespeare's Globe

After a few days wondering what I should see, I made up my mind and I decided to go for Julius Caesar - a 2h45 play telling the dramatic story of the assassination of Caesar. It being an open air theatre, I had to wait for a sunny day to go. Last Friday seemed like a perfect day so I decided to try my luck for 2pm show. I left around 12 o'clock to have the time to line up and get a £5 ticket for the yard, the standing area of the theatre. Unfortunately by the time I came out of the underground the sun had disappeared and I could feel a few drops, but I decided not let the rain dampen my spirit and I got the £5 ticket. I was really excited about watching a play standing u as it promised to be a physical challenge.

1:45 - The door opens and I discover the inside of the Globe which is a circular theatre.

Shakespeare's Globe

2:00 - The play starts with music and actors come out of every corner of the theatre and not just from the stage, I love the atmosphere and I am really impressed to see that they are performing Julius Caesar in the way Shakespeare wrote it, with the way he imagined the Romans.

I mean, we all know what the Romans looked like and how they dress, but here Caesar is dressed in the latest 16th century fashion with breeches, coat, cloak, cravat, leather boots, and swords!

2:45 - Despite the fact that airplanes passing over the Globe every five minutes I manage to immerse myself in the play until suddenly the already cloudy sky opens up, it starts pouring on the theatre and I run back to the shop to by a poncho with a Shakespeare quote on it: "Let it rain potatoes, let it thunder to the tune of 'Greene Sleeves'!"

I run back inside the theatre just in time for Julius Caesar's murder on stage and I have to say I am scared. They've done a great job and there is actually blood all over Caesar Robe, the murders and bloods all over their hands and just as Caesar take his last breath, thunder starts. Beautiful!

Shakespeare's Globe

3:00 - I am absolutely freezing, shivering in the yard, it's raining so hard that I have to take my shoes off so the leather doesn't get soaked. Everyone is laughing under the rain despite of the tragic scene going on the stage. I am freezing cold but so happy.

3:15 - The whole assassination act ends and it stops raining, of course. In 10 minutes the theatre is dry and the only noise in the theatre are drops falling off the thatch roof. The mourners enter the stage and start a breath-taking mourning melody. 5 minutes later the sun shines so bright that I am literally boiling and the theatre staff passes amongst the people standing in the yard to give the strangest sunhats I have seen in my life.

After a 15 minute break the play starts again and of course so does the rain - but this time I am ready and I ditch the sunhat and sunglasses for a sweater and my new poncho in 2 seconds. I am quite proud of myself and keep watching the play.

4:45 - The play ends, I am exhausted, my legs hurt like I've just run a marathon, my whole body aches but I've done it! My first play like a Shakespearian! Such an experience! I will definitely come again but next time, I will buy a seat...

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