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Travel heals all wounds

Posted: 2nd June 2014 at 19:10 • Categories: Inspiration

As the beautiful weather finally hit London, I spent my weekend outside, watching wood burn around the barbecue with friends, the perfect occasion for deep conversations around sausages and spicy chicken! One of my friend brought the subject of things we do to get over heartbreak, vast topic indeed which made wonder what I do to get over it. I've come to the conclusion that I always deal with it the same way, in 4 stages:

Stage 1: It always starts with a lot of crying, then I usually do a romantic comedy marathon weekend, it involves my sofa, a lot of tea and me eating pancakes and crêpes. I know that all those romantic movies are only going to make me feel even more depressed but I guess a part of me needs to mop.


Stage 2: Eventually after a couple of days I've seen too many romantic movies and I need fresh air. It usually involves a sporty week where I run like crazy, every day until I can't feel my legs. For some reason I feel like I am going to sweat out my addiction to that person by running.

Stage 3: I do some pampering. I take a trip to the hairdresser! Fresh haircut, new face, new me! Well not really a new me but it makes me feel better, fresher and ready to tackle the world, SOLO. Which leads me to stage 4!

Stage 4: I get itchy feet, I start looking at my world map more and more often and it usually end up with me going on a trip. Depending on the state of my finance it can be a daytrip, a long weekend, or a proper holiday. It can be alone or with friends, the idea is just to get some fresh air, do something I like, see beautiful and inspirational places and meet new people.

Travelling always help me to put things into perspective so for my last break-up I tried not to mop too much and started a lovely travel therapy.

Travel to heal a broken heart ✈ Let's get over it in... Budapest!


Because of a twist in my relationship I ended up with a flight ticket to Budapest. After spending weeks saying that I will not go I thought why not! I already knew Prague and Vienna but I never got to visit Budapest. I didn't feel like travelling solo so my best friend managed to make himself available and we went together. In the end I had a great time, I got to visit a beautiful eastern European city and spent some quality time with my friend that I never get to see because he lives half way around Europe.

My friend took me everywhere starting with dinner in a little arty restaurant. It took us a while to understand the Florin, the Hungarian money, because of its many coins and notes but eventually we managed it. One thing we didn't manage though was to understand a word of Hungagrian! It is one of the hardest language! The magyar alphabet contains 40 letters which made me feel sorry for our little alphabet with its 26 letters! Hungarian has nothing less than 4 variations of the "O". None of the sounds were familiar to what I knew so I was really happy that everybody spoke English...

We walked around Buda like the Church St Stevan the biggest church in the country, the parliament and the royal Palace. We spent quite a lot drinking too I have to admit, but after all why not! We went the Szechenyi Baths, it is an absolutely beautiful place to relax in the hot water looking at the amazing architecture of the Baths. The outside of the building is baroque but the inside looks like Roman baths, with different pools with temperatures varying between 18 to 38C, and sauna. I absolutely loved it and I strongly recommend it especially on a wet and cold afternoon.


The baths are really close to Heroes Square, a monument to the Magyar Chieftains. There is a great art museum on the side, when we went the exhibition was about Klimt. We finished our weekend by a walk to a marvellous fairy tale castle, in a park called Vajdahunyada. The gardens are full of little biergartens where you can get Hungarian omelettes, burgers and biers. A perfect place to relax and listen to live music!

A really good weekend spent looking at amazing buildings, learning about the Magyar culture, eating great food, partying in the most unusual places and all this in great company. Now, you must be wondering the outcome concerning that broken heart: I almost agree with the saying "travel heals all wounds" because even if my trip didn't fix everything it truly helped! I came back much more relaxed and with the feeling that I've rediscovered who I was and what I really like to do!

What about you? what do you do to get over heartbreak?

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