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You know you've been Expat in London for too long when...

Posted: 19th March 2014 at 16:37 • Categories: United Kingdom · London · UK and Ireland

  • When you are looking for words in your own language when you speak to your friends and family and you speak your own language with a odd accent.
  • When you drink beer! You came to love it and you even know the difference between a Lager and an Ale :) www.beer-faq.com/difference-ale-lager/
  • When in one week you drink more beer than you could manage before in a month. But that was before London!
  • You gave up on umbrellas! Its not that practical in the end, it dampens your bag and they break every time you go over a bridge
  • You finally got used to the rain. You even started to like it :) Know every sunny day feels extraordinary.
  • When you bought a pair of wellies and worse... you wear them in the city which you you never do at home because it would be a crime against fashion. Mine are purple, I love them :)
  • When you apologize to everyone without a good reason! You even started to say "sorry" when someone bumps into you! Blimey.
  • When the only breakfast you consider is English Breakfast with a cloud of milk and crumpets. You even changed your mind about porridge.
  • When every time you go to a party and happen to miss the last tube you take a Boris Bike because the night bus is nowhere to be seen and you can't be bothred to wait.
  • When the London prices of the rent dont surprise you anymore. Mind you, you still cry on pay-the-rent-day.
  • When you actually understand the way the NHS work and you came to trust them. Yes it is mostly because you don't have the choice :)
  • When you have your favorite buses! Mine is Route 15 in the old Routemaster that goes from Aldwych to St Paul's :)
  • When you know Stansted and Gatwick like your pocket. In my case the Eurostar is my second house, I take it twice a week, I know the name of each train manager and which car has plugs that works.
Eurostar in the Channel Tunnel
  • When you don't count on the Northern Line to take you somewhere during the weekend
  • When your Oyster card has become your most precious possesion because even though you've been in London for ages now it is still unregistered.

The list keeps getting longer because despite of everything you absolutely love London!!

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