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Oyster, dear Oyster... Where are you?

Posted: 13th March 2014 at 18:19 • Categories: United Kingdom · London · UK and Ireland

If you live in London, you are the proud owner of an "Oyster card". What a strange name. I know that it is supposed to represent our world, London. But still, how weird. Anyway, this little card is your new best friend! It costs only £5 so it's a very economical way of travelling around the city.
I'm just kidding, the card may cost £5 but the monthly fare is... £135 which are $225 per month if you're lucky enough to live in zones 1 or 2, which are the core areas of London. So no, Oyster is not "economic" but it makes things less bad! Imagine living in zone 4, the fare is 160£ (267$) per month!
Aren't you sooo pleased to take the tube every day?
This little card is a source of constant worry, especially if you have several handbags! We've all experienced this awful moment of panic when arriving at the Tube (Metro) station you realise that your Oyster was in your other handbag! You then have 2 options:
  • Option A: Run as fast as Usain Bolt to your flat, risking slipping on a patch of ice-pool of water with high heels, going to work all sweaty and red because of the run, risking being really late because, in the end, you don't run that fast! All this for your dear little card... After a few seconds of hesitation, you usually turn to the second option:
  • Option B: Resign yourself to buy a £8 "day travelcard" - blimey - and get in line with all the other scatterbrains who are waiting, looking rather annoyed in front of the machine!
But it doesn't really matter in the end because let's face it, you LOVE London!
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