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Welcome to Brixton!!

Posted: 6th August 2013 at 16:21 • Categories: Europe · London


When people hear about Brixton they usually don’t have a good opinion of that part of London. Why? Because in the '80s it was famous for having one of the highest crime rate in London (stabbings and gangs). This was true 25 years ago but its no longer the case! Brixton is slowly changing and it is now a really nice to hang out with friends!

What's there? Well plenty of things really: There is an old-fashioned cinema with only one room with a great films, a few good restaurants, the dance academy and... an absolutely great market!

Brixton Market is really colorful as it is both an African and a Caribbean one. They sell exotic fruits, meat, vegetables, they have dozens of beauticians, hairdressers, some really good barber shops (most of them are for people with afro hair but they do offer haircut for European hairs as well). For a very reasonable price you can have have a hair cut, a really close shave and even your nose trimmed.

Inside the indoor market there is a lovely area called Brixton Village where you can find really cool bars and restaurants: French, Jamaican, Italian, you name it! The atmosphere is really friendly, reggae music all around and the food is great, especially for the price they charge you!

So forgot about the gangs of Brixton and come enjoy the laid-back lifestyle!

Brixton, London
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