Creating fun activity book to discover museum


We create fun and interactive books allowing families to discover museums in a fun and relaxed way while taking into account the age of children.

Art explained to children

Do you want to attract more families with young children into your site? We have created a new type of interactive book. It is designed as an innovative, fun and educational cultural mediation tool that allows children to appropriate the works by colouring their own versions of the paintings, reading the little historical facts, playing games and singing songs.

Our play features 4 children: Hicham, Serena, Jamie and Aiko through the Louvre museum! As you can see they are black, white, North African and Asian. Why is that? Because Culture has been represented as white for far too long and that’s a shame!

Even today, on the social networks that promote France as a tourist destination, the vast majority of people pictured visiting monuments are white! The world is not white and neither are our visitors! (well yes, but not only). It was therefore obvious to create characters that children could identify with.

Price: From 4000€ depending on the number of pages, activities, games and drawing desired. If you are interested in the idea, contact us and we can discuss your future tour!

Visiting the Louvre with kids
Quatre petits curieux at the Louvre

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