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Jun 18, 2017

I am leaving London!

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Posted by: pascaline
I have news for you folks: I am LEAVING London!
Yes, you have read properly! After talking about it with my friends, my family and my business partners, I have decided to leave London for good!
I started thinking about this June 24th 2016. The British among you probably remember this day as the day we all woke up with a sour taste in our mouth because 51% of the UK decided to leave the European Union...
For a reason unknown I felt deeply affected by this choice. I almost cried. Clearly, Britain was not as open-minded, selfless and tolerant as I thought it was and it was really hard to admit it. During the following week the endless debates started and all the UK was talking about was “Will they leave”, “when will they leave” “Will it be a hard Brexit ?”. I found this exhausting! And like it wasn't enough Theresa May arrived. If you know me you already know that I am not a big fan of hers. Her speech “If you believe you are a citizen of the world you are just a citizen of nowhere” just baffled me.
I was shocked! That day I realised that she misunderstands all of us who like to travel, who feel multicultural and who don’t want to be defined by our nationality. For the first time of my 4 years spent in the UK I felt uneasy. This triggered something in me, I felt like England was breaking up with me. Do you know this feeling? I felt like I was in a bad relationship where I was misunderstood, “taken for granted” and all in all undervalued.
This is why I decided to leave. Why stay in this lovely but very expensive city where I got almost no recognition when I could do the same thing from France have the Travel lifestyle I really love AND see my family more often? The choice was easy in the end and in March 2017 I gave my notice to the various companies I worked with and I decided to go home, to France.
So here I am, 3 months later writing this blog post from Lille, my new home! I am not even going to pretend that being back in France is easy because I felt miserable at first, I really missed London. I finally got over the shock of leaving London behind and I started the admin tasks I had to do. It took me 8 weeks to receive all the paperwork I needed to be able to start working… Appalling if you ask me but hey, France is famous for its inefficient administration so I can’t say that I haven’t been warned because I grew up here…
Anyway, the good news is I finally received the Go ahead from the Urssaf and the INSEE registration office so it is official:  my website Culture & Adventure is now a French company!
I am VERY excited about this new chapter of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with you!
See you soon!
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