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Feb 23, 2015

iDBUS - the best way to travel to Paris on a budget

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Posted by: stuart
Looking for a ticket to Paris that won’t ruin you even if you book your ticket a few hours before departure? Hop on the iDBUS!
I heard of iDbus for the first time in 2013, I booked a ticket with them because of a disastrous bus experience I had a few months earlier with another company: The bus was late, I was seating next to a smelly and rude person who snored the entire time and the driver people skills left to be desired. I thought that iDBUS couldn't be worse so I gave it a try. I never thought I would enjoy it so much. I now travel with them 6 times a year! Here are my 10 reasons why you should travel with iDBUS on your next trip to Paris (if the Eurostar's prices are ridiculously expensive):
The buses are amazing: They have amazing coaches with huge windows, some of their coaches have what I call a sky window with glass above your head. It was the first time I saw such a fancy coach! You can even slide your seat away from the other one to have more privacy and of course, you can incline your seat, perfect if you want to snooze.
The leg room is exactly how it should be: Big enough for you to completely stretch your legs or curl up while watching a movie.

They have electric plugs, but don't forget your adapter. Now, your neighbour will probably need to plug something as well during the journey so be ready to share the plug!

There is Wifi on board which is just brilliant but, don't expect to watch a movie, loading YouTube is already a challenge to the poor connection so don't expect the moon but if you need to get some work done the connection works just fine, I managed to do my emails and do some research.

You can book your seat. If you really want a window seat you can choose to have one and if you are travelling with friends, you are guaranteed to get the seats you picked when you booked online.

They take the Eurotunnel most of the time. Even though taking the Ferry is more fun, the Eurotunnel is much faster. The crossing only takes 20 minutes which is why the journey is faster than with most companies.

There is an interactive map in the bus so you know where you are during the journey.

The bus drivers are always up for a chat during the breaks and they do the announcements in both English and French. Now, the company claims that the drivers are bilingual, I wouldn’t go that far! The first time I travelled with them the driver bravely did a speech in English, he couldn’t say the time of arrival in English and ended up asking a French person to say it for him. Everyone had a good laugh but his explanations were understandable!

It arrives in Paris Bercy and not Gallieni as most other bus companies do. It is more central, it is only 2 minutes away from Bercy tube station and the station is in a nice neighbourhood so if you are early you can go wait in a nice cafe.

The company is punctual. The company leaves exactly at the time indicated on their schedule and they often arrive 20 minutes early in London.
There. You know everything, so next time you are thinking of going to France, think of iDBUS! Yes, it is a 10 hours journey to Paris so nowhere comparable to the Eurostar (I am a big fan) but if you have to book at the last minute the price will be a third of what a Eurostar ticket would cost you. For more info have a look at their website. Happy trails!
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