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Feb 2, 2015

My Haiti book project

Posted by: stuart

Hi Guys! I told you a few weeks ago that I will be using my typewriter to write a travel diary about Haiti. I have decided to turn this diary into a book so people interested in Haiti and willing to take a trip there can have an idea of what this little country is like.

You must think that for sure they must be travel books about Haiti. The thing is, people who wrote about Haiti as a travel destination gave such a bad image of it that after reading one page you already want to stop reading because they are depressing! I am tired of waiting for a good book to come out so I decided to try writing mine. I am not an experienced travel writer but hopefully I will manage! My goal is to inspire people to travel there!

This book is going to be a mixture of a photos book, a guide on what to expect when you get there. It will have a dozen of “adventures stories” that happened to me during my trip and about 15 watercolors to give an idea of what makes Haiti so interesting!

I am not a painter but I have always liked sketching so I though I will challenged myself and do my own illustrations. I don’t know much about watercolors yet so this is going to be a challenge. I would like to paint a donkey, a hummingbird, a lizard, a few beaches, a waterfall, a decent sunset, one island I’ really loved, flowers and a few fishes.

I’ll share my drawings on my blog so you can see the progress of the progress and help me choose the drawings I should keep when I am done! Wish me luck!

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