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Feb 25, 2015

London fashion showcase: Because fashion is an adventure

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Posted by: stuart

London Fashion ShowcaseI am not a big fashionista, I don’t care much for big labels but I do love a good quality clothe with original design. This year for the London Fashion week I decided to take a trip to the London Fashion Showcase to see the vision young designers have when it comes to linking the identity of their country to high fashion.

London Fashion Showcase

Nowadays fashion has become a way of expressing our identity through our personal style, I think I see fashion differently. To me the true meaning of international fashion is to give a hint of a clue on your everyday life. A piece of clothing gives information on what to expect the day you travel to this specific country : They give you a fair idea on the climate you can expect, the materials available and the local culture in that part of the world. Looking at the local clothes is one of my favorite thing to do when travelling, the colors, the shapes and the materials of their clothes are so different to what I am used to!

London Fashion ShowcaseLondon Fashion Showcase

The showcase took me on a upbeat 1 hour world trip. I took a walk in Czech Republic’s forests, I could imagine the countryside covered by snow and people walking around with huge fluffy coats. I walked down a few meters in the show and I was transported to the sun-drenched and windy valleys of Chile and Colombia, where you feel like dozing off under a tree with your sombrero on your face.

London Fashion Showcase

In the far corner of the exhibition was an amazing exhibition on Philippines fashion, all about the intriguing mythical creatures that are part of their folklore before ending my trip in Africa where I had the honor of being introduced to the cultural diversity of Tanzania in the shadow of the Kilimanjaro. I told you, fashion is an adventure, the occasion to be part of a different culture and experiment a new lifestyle!

London Fashion Showcase

The London fashion showcase was also the occasion to talk to young entrepreneurs and talk about budget, clients and creative process. I can’t wait for the next one :)

In the meantime, happy trails everyone!

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