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Jan 21, 2015

3 reasons to visit the french countryside in winter

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Posted by: stuart
Because I am was a French expat living in London, I tend to forget how quiet and relaxing the French countryside really is. Here is a quick post to give you a feel of winter in the Champagne, the lovely region I grew up in.
1. Time has a different meaning in winter.
Every year we have the pleasure of having a nice cover of snow for a few weeks. During these weeks everyone is late because the roads are frozen and we have to wait for the salt machines to pass before its safe to drive ( which never happens before 11am).
2. You get to see wild boars
It takes an hour to go home from the local supermarket because you are driving lowly: no one wants to be hit by a boar and they love wandering around in the fields with their marcassin, I found them adorable! They are trying to keep up with the big boars and you can see that they are struggling with their little legs!
French Countryside
Photo by Luke Gerken (Easy Travel)
For me winter in Champagne is a long walk in the snow with my dog, looking at him picking trails, listening to the ice cracking on the canal next to my house and eventually running home because I can’t feel my feet anymore.
French Countryside
3. You get to spend hours by the fireplace
It is also spending the evening chatting in the corner of my fireplace with my brothers and my parents with a good book and a cup of tea. The perfect afternoon!
Here one of my favourite place to go for a walk at home, isn’t relaxing? So next time someone tells you to let’s go for a road trip to France in Winter, say YES and start packing!
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