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Nov 8, 2014

Gone Wwoofing in Dominica

Posted by: stuart
After lounging in St Marteen island for a few days I am now off to Dominica to experiment WWOOFING. This strange word actually means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
It is a very economical way of travelling which allows you to discover a country for FREE, you also get free accommodation and free meals, in exchange for a few hours of farm work per day! Sounds awesome right? If you like the idea here is the Wwoof website:
Depending on the type of farm you can work between 3 to 5 hours a day. It is going to be my first Wwoofing experience and as you can imagine I can barely wait for tomorrow! The farm I will be staying at is called Eden Heights. In this farm, they grow Cocoa, mangoes, papayas, Soursop, watermelon, cocos, guava and other delicious fruits.
I am now back home and I thought I would publish a video I made in Dominica about eco utensils. Here is how to make a bowl from a Calabash. Enjoy !
Three years ago I set off on an adventure to the Caribbean to discover how the delicious tropical fruits we eat in Europe are grown. After visiting St Marteen and St Barts I arrived to Dominica, rightfully Nicknamed the Nature Island. After a day in Roseau, I decided to go wwoofing in a small farm called Eden Heights.


This is where I met Sian Jones. Sian is a young British woman who left England in pursuit of her dream of buying a farm a, grow vegetables, live off the land and start a beautiful eco-lodge. She poured all her heart in this project and when I met her 3 years ago she had transformed the little plot of land she bought into a paradise.

I stayed at her house for a week during which I learned so much about growing tropical fruits. We carved veggies beds from the mountain flank, we weaved palm trees to make shower walls. We planted watermelon, peas, coconut, cocoa, did a lot of jungle weeding, trying to reclaim some land from the jungle, we even built a stone and mud staircase to the waterfall at the end of her property. It was so rewarding to see her vision of the place become a reality in front of our eyes.


Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma destroyed everything she owned and her little paradise is now gone and she is not the only one in this situation. The entire village of Castle Bruce was destroyed and Sian is now trying to raise £20 000 to provide the tools necessary to the inhabitants of Castle Bruce to start rebuilding the village.

These are some pictures of the Castle Bruce I remember. Yes, it is a truly beautiful place, let’s make it this way again! Click HERE to help Sian and her community rebuild Castle Bruce.

Now you’ll be happy to learn that Sian and her adorable toddler Mario are safe: She was able to make it back to England safely after the Hurricane and she is now rebuilding her farm and her home in Dominica.



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