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Mar 3, 2014

Why you should visit Austria

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Posted by: stuart

Someone asked me the other day why did I want to go back to Austria and why I find this country so brilliant. I thought it was a really interesting question and it inspired me for this post.

I went to Austria 3 years ago for an Internship I had to do for University. I was doing the first year of my master degree and it was highly recommended to do our Internship abroad so I decided to improve my German and to do my internship in Austria. Here is a list of the main reasons why I loved this experience in Austria so much:

1. The Drive

At the time I just passed my driving license and I couldn't wait to do my first big road trip on my one. I drove from my parents place to Innsbruck, Austria. 790Km across 3 countries and the occasion to drive in the mountains, in the snow, on my own. Big challenge!


2. Speaking "Deutsche" every single day for 5 months

Herzlich Wilkommen im Tyrol! I didn't speak German when I first arrived in Tyrol but I could understand German because I studied it at school for 5 years. Being in the countryside only a few people could speak English so I really had to try to speak to order my food, shop and work in German every single day. After a week I could already feel that my German, or should I say my Austrian, had improved! I say Austrian because people in Tyrol have the thickest accent ever! The first few weeks I couldn’t understand them at all!

3. Waking up every single day to this view:


4. Hiking around these kind of places!

I've always liked the outdoors and living in Tyrol made me love it even more! Tyrol is all about mountains, lakes, and wildlife. I started hiking every weekend and since I've been back I've been thinking of moving to the mountains for the quality of living it gives.


Austria 5. Seeing fairytale castles at every corner

Tyrol has an incredible number of castles. There is one every few kilometers. Being french I was already used to a really rich cultural heritage but really Austria has it all when it comes to castles. Whether you like medieval fortress in the middle of a city, castles on the top of a mountain or elegant Schloss that looks like cakes Austria has a castle for you :)


6. Seeing people wearing their traditional costumes all the time

In Tyrol people are really proud of their history and their identity. They have a traditional costume really similar to the Bavarian one (you know, these incredible leather trousers that everyone wears at the Oktoberfest) but in Tyrol people wear them on normal days too! I became friend with a couple of Austrian girls and they often wore their Dirndle to go to work or to go out or at home!

7. Eating delicious cakes

Austria is not famous for its food except for the "Café Viennois" and it is a shame. They have amazing cakes and chocolates in Austria so if you have a bit of a sweet tooth you should consider moving there.

8. Admiring the most beautiful churches

When it comes to churches, the Austrians are really talented. Austria is overall quite Catholic and a little part of your taxes go to the conservation of the Church. Yes, the church and the state are not separated. It set my teeth on edge but I have to recognize that it is the reason why the churches are in such a beautiful state not like in France where unfortunately trees are slowly growing in little parish churches because of the lack of money...

9. An amazing quality of life

Austria is small, it only takes a couple of hours to cross the entire country. It is clean and organised, full of lakes, mountains and forests which in the end is as beautiful as the sea. People are really polite, maybe to much, they are quite nice too once the ice is broken (really really reserved when it comes to foreigners...). The cultural heritage is amazing and the food is simple but delicious.

I hope that I convinced you that you all want to visit Austria now! See you there!

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