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Mar 19, 2014

A visit to Highgate cemetry

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Posted by: stuart

"Every big city has a great cemetery", a friend told me a couple of months ago. Paris has 'le Pere Lachaise' and London has Highgate cemetery. He strongly recommended this place to me and a couple of days later I was off on a small expedition to Highgate Cemetery, resting place of numerous famous artists, philosophers and politicians.

I have to say that I am truly amazed by this cemetery! It has a special atmosphere because the graves are in the middle of small forest, they seem abandonned but not quite. So here I was looking at one grave when suddenly I saw a massive monument:

Highgate Cemetery

The monument to Karl Marx! Beautiful surprise as I had no idea that he was burried there!

The day I went there was a young man who came all the way from Russia to take a picture for his thesis, you could really see his emotions standing in front of this great man’s grave.

Here are a couple of pictures from my wondering in the East Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery Highgate Cemetery

The West Cemetry is closed to the public but you can visit it if you book a guided tour. The East Cemetry is accessible to the public every day from 10am to 5pm and cost 4£.

Highgate Cemetery
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