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Mar 6, 2013

I tried for you the Emirates Airline Cable Car

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Posted by: stuart
I have experienced a short fly over London for "free" last Sunday and I absolutely loved it. No, I didn't do a tour in a private helicopter :) I simply flew over London by Cable Car with the Emirates Airline experience Greenwich. You might have never heard of it as this is quite new. The cable car was inaugurated last summer (2012) during the Olympics by Fly Emirates. The flight takes you from North Greenwich to the Royal Victoria Docks. The flight is quite short, about 5 minutes but the view really is amazing!
Scroll down and you will discover the view that you might get next time you go there, I wouldn’t recommend it on a foggy day cause you might not be able to see the river as the cable car takes you 280 feet above the river! Enjoy the flight!!
Emirates Airline Experience Greenwich
How to get there: Take the DLR to North Greenwich or the Royal Victoria Docks
The price: A single ticket cost £3.50. You can also take a go and return ticket for £7 or just use your Oyster if you have a pass for Zones 1 to 3!
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