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Dec 26, 2012

Christmas time in London town

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Posted by: stuart
A lot of people asked me what was Christmas like in London. Here is my answer to anyone who is wondering if spending Christmas in London is a good thing to do.
The answer is YES!! There is a special atmosphere in London during that time of the year! the madness starts at the end of October and lasts until the second week of January. Suddenly all you care about is finding the right gift for the right person, finding the perfect turkey and write Christmas cards!
The 3 biggest stores in London have a competition for the nicest Christmas display so it’s basically impossible to forget that it is Christmas! The three shops are Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods. This year Harvey Nichols theme is Oriental, Selfridges building is literally covered with light and Harrods has an amazing Disney Princesses display design by very famous fashion designers. If you have time for a walk around the store it worth it!you will see Cinderella in her carriage, Sleeping Beauty, The princess and the frog, the little mermaid, Pocahontas in the wilderness, the Beauty and the Beast, Snow white eating an apple and many other princesses!
The streets are all light up, Regent street, Oxford Street and New bond street Christmas light are quite extravagant! this year the lights are sponsored by Marmite -For none British person, Marmite is a company who makes a kind of spread- and they advertise their products by saying “you either love it or hate it!!” I don’t like it...
Christmas in London
If you walk all the way from Marble Arch you will see Christmas elves fighting over a slice of pizza, a reindeer fight, flying umbrella and Christmas gifts. Carnaby street is decorated with Rolling stones items and Regent street has the 12 days of Christmas song!
You will also see Ice rinks all over the city, it really adds magic to the city!! In my opinion the best ones are the one by the Natural History museum and the one inside Somerset house. If you don’t feel like skating then watching people skate is almost as good!
Christmas in London
To make it short Christmas in London is about:
Watching people fall at the Ice rinks, drinking mulled wine in Winter wonderland or by the London eye, walking by the river and enjoying it, pesting against the crowd who always go in the same places you want to go to… It’s also being stuck in the Tube forever but never mind because it’s warm there; singing Christmassy songs (especially after dinner when you feel tipsy/drunk :) ) it’s also hosting friends, making plans who will never see the light and spending some good time!!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!
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