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Welcome, traveller to Culture and Adventure!

We are an online tour company based in Lille, France, offering day trips and city tours in France, the UK and Ireland. Our goal is to "curate" the perfect excursion for you and your family that will allow you to discover the heritage, the culture and the Gastronomy of a region and have a fun trip.

At Culture and Adventure we believe that travelling shouldn't just be about seeing the sites but also about experimenting what local cultures have to offer whether it's trying the food and taking a class to learn how to cook it, visiting local markets, discovering a new craft or a local sport or going to a concert.

 Let us know what you like and we will create an experience that will  make you an actor on your trip rather than a spectator will participate in making your holiday a memorable one


Hello from Pascaline

The journey began in 2012 when I created as a small travel blog to share my life as a French tour guide in London. Gradually as I grew tired of the "One size fits all" tours proposed by most tour operators the idea of a company that will focus on cultural discoveries and experiences emerged. 

In 2015 I created Culture & Adventure a travel website where you can discover the cultural and artistic heritage of France and the United Kingdom; book your unusual tours of London; read travel tips on travelling on a budget (what to pack for different type of adventure, etc) or plan your next discovery or ecotourism trip with the help of tourism professionals. 


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